Why did I wait so long?

  Why Did I Wait So Long? If you haven't read the first post this may not make the most sense. If you have, thanks for reading and keeping up. As those that have read before I was recently advised of my "noise induced hearing loss". As you can imagine, those are not the words you expect to hear at the age of 28. However, given my previous career choices and lack of hearing protection use, I can't say I was stunned or surprised. The part that was mind blowing was getting told that I had a 65% speech discrepancy on one side. That does not sound too bad, until they educate you on it a little further. This means that my ears were not hearing specific consonants. I know right, not what I thought that meant either. Now, you have to be wondering how long had I been suspecting I had an issue, and why I waited so long . Well to answer that, I must say that I have had hearing issues for "quite some time". Being a man, you would be correct in guessing it had been sever

Welcome to!

Welcome to! Hello All. My Name is Luke B. I have been a Critical Care Nurse since 2017. I have arguably had one of the most exciting careers in such a short time. I have created this space in attempts to bring you all on my newfound journey of coping with hearing impairment while working as a nurse. To begin with I would like to provide a brief introduction about myself. Like I said before, I began my nursing career in 2017. Prior to that I began a fun and exciting career in the Fire Service in rural Georgia. I worked my way through college doing just that. It was an ideal career due to the amount of downtime that would happen at times. I could sit at the station "on the clock" while studying and taking notes for class. Even after starting as a nurse i continued my career in the Fire Service due to it becoming like an addiction. I never could get enough. Those that have never experienced the "brotherhood" of a public safety member could n