Why did I wait so long?

 Why Did I Wait So Long?

If you haven't read the first post this may not make the most sense. If you have, thanks for reading and keeping up. As those that have read before I was recently advised of my "noise induced hearing loss". As you can imagine, those are not the words you expect to hear at the age of 28. However, given my previous career choices and lack of hearing protection use, I can't say I was stunned or surprised. The part that was mind blowing was getting told that I had a 65% speech discrepancy on one side. That does not sound too bad, until they educate you on it a little further. This means that my ears were not hearing specific consonants. I know right, not what I thought that meant either. Now, you have to be wondering how long had I been suspecting I had an issue, and why I waited so long . Well to answer that, I must say that I have had hearing issues for "quite some time". Being a man, you would be correct in guessing it had been several years. It doesn't help that I get told all the time "your an old man". If you didn't take the time to look at the profile picture, I have already had to deal with losing my hair, except that started much sooner. So, I get the usual jokes of "you're like an old man" and many others along those lines. After finally accepting the hair loss ordeal, I wasn't exactly lining up to get hearing aids added into the mix. However, after reaching the point of frustration trying to take verbal orders from providers, I knew something had to change. My wife would tell you that I will do something about an issue when it interferes with work. I had been contemplating for some time if I should go or not. So, while my wife and I were at the final doctors appointment before "baby time", I decided I would go while out. After sitting in the sound proof booth thinking that I wasn't doing too bad I came out thinking "I sure hope I studied enough".  Low and behold, the greatest news of the test was that I finally had justification behind the "huh", "what did you say", and "I can't hear you." So, needless to say I now have another reason to be called an "old man." Yes, I purchased my first set of hearing aids at my age. I know there have been many others before me that have struggled with the same things, and some even worse. However, while trying to find resources and advice online, I was striking out quite often. Now, you have to wondering what I have done about it besides create a blog. Well, I purchased my first set of hearing aids. When the provider advised me there would be sounds our newborn would make that I would not hear, I knew immediately I was getting a pair. So, that is the long story of why I waited so long, and why I made the "jump". Just wait, next time I'll be a new parent with new hearing aids. I can only imagine the content that will come from this new journey. Thanks for reading. As always feel free to reach out. Any advice is greatly appreciated. 




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